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Raffle of a Lifetime!

       New Hampshire Operation Game Thief, Inc.(NHOGT) is pleased to announce its “Raffle of a Lifetime”. The winner will receive a certificate for a Lifetime New Hampshire Hunting and Fishing License. All funds will be utilized by NHOGT working hand in hand with the Law Enforcement Division of New Hampshire’s Fish & Game Dept. in efforts to end wildlife poaching in New Hampshire. NHOGT will also raffle off a 1 year combination hunting and fishing license as a second prize.

       Raffle chances will be sold by your local Conservation Officers and NHOGT Board of Directors members. Chances can also be purchased through the mail, please enclose a note with name, address, telephone and email along with a check or money order made out to NH Operation Game Thief, for $5.00 per chance. Ticket stubs will be mailed to the address provided.

       The drawing will be held on Sunday, December 10, 2017 and the license certificate will be issued for the 2018 calendar year. Terms and conditions apply; please visit for a complete list. Updates on the raffle will be posted to our Facebook page, make sure to follow along at  Please read all of the following terms and conditions...


  • Raffle chances are not refundable for any reason at any point in time. All sales are final.
  • Those entering raffle must be eligible to hold a New Hampshire Fishing and Hunting License and have not been banned from            holding such license.
  • The winner is subject to all requirements of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department for a Lifetime License, including but        not limited to completing and signing an application and any requirements under RSA 214.9-c and Administrative Rule
           Fis 1101.03(a). If a winner is denied a lifetime license the second prize winner will be awarded first prize and a new second prize        winner will be drawn.
  • Lifetime Licenses are only offered to New Hampshire residents.
  • Second Prize: A one year combined New Hampshire hunting and fishing license. This license will be available to non-residents.
  • Raffle chances are not transferrable. The individual who is named on the ticket stub will be considered the winner.
  • By entering the raffle, you hold harmless and release all liability, New Hampshire Operation Game Thief, Inc., its board of                    directors, and any of their contractors or subsidiaries for purposes of this raffle.
  • New Hampshire Operation Game Thief, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit as recognized by the United States Internal Revenue                  Service and registered with the State of New Hampshire Charitable Trust division. Entry in this raffle may or may not qualify as a        tax deductible donation. Your ticket stub will serve as your only reference for this purpose.
  • The winner of this raffle will be receiving a prize valued in excess of $1,000. This may require tax reporting and subsequent                documentation, including providing NHOGT with a Federal Form 5754, for issuance of a W-2G. The applicant understands that if         he/she wins the lifetime license, he/she will be responsible for settling applicable taxes.