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Andrew Schafermeyer

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From Game Warden to Podcaster

Wayne Saunders retired as a Lieutenant after 23 years as a Conservation Officer with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Responsibilities of his job were great and, once he became free of them, he realized that his career and his life had become intertwined in a significant way. “I loved my job and wanted to continue with something related that could have a positive impact.” He quickly realized that he needed a way to stay connected to the role that defined him for so many years.

Wayne recognized that the life of a Game Warden has become a popular topic and many reality television shows focusing on the subject have popped up. He looked for a way to use this popularity to reach people and continue his service of protecting fish, wildlife, and the resources that they rely on. The answer quickly came to him in the form of a pod-cast.

So he created the podcast Warden’s Watch.Wayne has had about a dozen of them released to date with great reviews. Most often done with a guest, this pod-cast covers many topics drawn from the personal history of someone with a lot of emotional and exciting experiences. The stories, interviews, and conversations provide a fascinating view into a life of a Game Warden highlighting wildlife cases near death experiences wildlife interaction search and rescue support of other Law Enforcement as well as wildlife management and other related topics . Guests and topics will range from all the US, Canada and he hopes around the world.

This podcast can be downloaded for free and found at the website; Warden’ or at major podcast distributers. It is a great listen for anyone that wants to connect to the outdoors and understand the roles that many people play in protecting managing them and much more.

Lt. Bill Boudreau with Board of Director members Scott Biron and Chuck Cosseboom at the NHFG Award Ceremony.  Lt. Boudreau receiving  the Operation Game Thief Recognition Award.